Friday, 12 August 2016

Independence Day& International Youth Day Celebration in KIIT Gurgaon

KIIT College of Education Gurgaon organized the Thematic Assembly on Independence Day and International Youth Day on 12th August 2016. Students of B.Ed programme presented articles, speech and recite poems both in English and Hindi. The students had put all their round-the-clock efforts in preparation for this cultural programme. Virenchi Arora and Joginder Singh presented speech on Independence day. Rajender Singh, Teena Verma and Chanderkanta expressed their views through poems. The efforts of the students were appreciated by Director Prof.(Dr.)M.Sen.Gupta Sir and he also  expressed his views about youth of today. Assembly was accompanied with prayer, thought, news and National Anthem. All the faculty members encouraged their participation.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Faculty Development Program - Kamrah Institute of Information Technology

 “Having happy employees is the key to a viable and booming organization”

With this motto KIIT organized ‘Faculty Development Programs’. These FDPs were conducted to boost employees’ morale and efficiency. It included various sessions such as Zumba, CrossFit, Aerobics, Yoga, Power Yoga, Meditation, and other fun activities.
Faculty Development Programs in KIIT
Today, we concluded this session by organizing two activities namely ‘Zumba Dance’ and ‘Musical Four Corners’. First activity was a ‘fun workout’ that included various dance moves. Second part was a fun game. In this activity, four corners were marked. Employees were asked to dance on music and as the music stops they had to reach a corner that they relate most to. Once everyone took their place, a card was picked up from a bowl and whichever card was picked up all those players had to do a dare. All the employees had thoroughly enjoyed and liked the programs.

Special thanks to KIIT and Mrs. Neelima Kamrah for organizing such wonderful and enthusiastic programs for employees. Indeed, these programs were a great step towards creating an emotional connection between the KIIT and its employees. 

Monday, 4 April 2016

Industrial Visit To NETWORK BULLS By KIIT Gurgaon

The KIIT College of Engineering organised an Industrial visit to Network Bulls, Gurgaon for 2nd and 3rd year Computer science engineering students.  Networks Bulls is a training organisation which gives guidance & training in the field of networking. It also has world’s largest laboratories open 24x7 to allow access to various networking divisions.
A total of 53 students along with Computer Science HOD, Dr. Sudhir Kumar Sharma, Training & Placement Officer, Mr. Suresh Kumar Mehta & Assistant Professor, Mrs. Santha Devi, visited the organisation & were welcomed by the Network Bulls members.  They were taken into a teaching session by Mr. Damanpreet Singh, working as a training professor in Networking Bulls. The students were taught with the help of PPT. Starting with the basics, Mr. Damanpreet Singh went on to make everyone identify the difference between various network devices & their uses. This entertaining yet informative session attracted everyone & students enjoyed his way of teaching thoroughly.  After an hour of teaching, the students were taken to the labs to get familiar with the environment where they were showed the devices in hand. After a little break, the students got information about the devices & were taken to labs to see & understand the working of these devices.  After the visit, the students were able to identify and tell the differences between various devices.  Also they gained knowledge which will help them in the near future. 

Overall, the theory & Practical sessions were very informative & excellent.  The students thoroughly enjoyed the teachings & were seen to have a keen interest developed in the networking area.

The students of Computer Science department hope to see more such industrial visit in the coming year.

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Inter College Competition At Drona College Of Education Gurgaon

An Inter College Competition was held on 29 February, 2016 at Drona College Of Education, Basai Road, Gurgaon (Haryana). Our students participated in various competitions -
  • Rangoli Making
  • Fresh flower arrangement
  • Dry Flower arrangement
  • Folder Making
  • Teaching working Models (Maths, S.St and Hindi)
  • Solo Dance (Folk)
Inter College Competition
Total 10 teams from various colleges of Education participated in events. All the teams showed their creative work and mesmerized everyone with their innovative ideas. All the judges admitted that judging the competition was really difficult because there were so many excellent performances. Parul Ragha B.Ed student got First prize in Fresh flower arrangement, Sagarika got Third Prize in Mathematics Teaching Model and second prize was bagged by Hemlata for Hindi working model. All Participants also received participating certificates. Our contingent In-charge Ms. Kanchan Khatreja also received a memento by drone College of Education It was really a cut throat competition in which students did hard work to compete with each other. It was really a learning experience for our students.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Report on Educational Trip to IIM, Rohtak

National Seminar on" Mentoring Aspiring Entrepreneurs For International Business" was held at Radhakrishnan Auditorium, MDU, Rohtak on 16th Feb,2016, jointly organized by IIM, Rohtak and Institute of Management Studies And Research, MDU, Rohtak. Our four management students (two from MBA -4 and 2 from MBA-2) participated in the seminar. It was quite an educative and learning experience for management students.

Faculty member of IIM, Rohtak Dr. Suresh Takhar delivered the welcome address, and threw light on the theme of the seminar. Director, IMSAR Prof Neelam Jain also spoke on the occasion and said the management graduates must try to become job-creators rather than job-seekers.

Entrepreneurship requires creative ideas, deep commitment, futuristic vision, innovation, adaptability and marketing skills. Need of hour is to develop professionalism in entrepreneurship endeavour and work with strategic approach to achieve success at international business level. This was stated by Dr. Amiya Chamdra, Joint Director General( Foreign Trade), Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India in the National Seminar.

KIIT Educational Trip to IIM
Delivering the key note address in the national seminar, Dr. Amiya Chandra said that future of International trade is tilting towards regional sectors. As such, budding entrepreneurs must look forward to start ups and ventures in regional sectors. He emphasized the importance of innovative and quality products and especially developing zero-defect products of International Standards. Dr. Amiya chandra underscored the significance of niche market strategy, and out of box thinking in entrepreneurial ventures. 

Guest of Honour Dr. Damodar Y Golhar from Western Michigan University(USA) focused on developing quality world-class education system that would form the foundation for entrepreneurship in india. He called for robust academic industry interface in this regard.

MDU vice-chancellor Prof. B.K. Punia said in his address that International Business environment is very dynamic and provides a platform for entrepreneurial endeavor. 

Director, IIM, Rohtak. Prof Atanu Rakshit said the setting up of incubation centers for entreprenership in India is need of the hour. He said IITs and IIMs must collaborate to set up technical incubation centres. He also throw light on role of educational institutions in nation building.

Assistant Professor, IMSAR, Dr. Ramphul expressed the vote of thanks and summarized the essence of the National Seminar. Key note speaker Dr. Amiya Chandra interacted with the students and answered their queries about entrepreneurship.

Dr. Anupriya Sharma
Assistant Professor, KIIT, Gurgaon.

Report on Udyami-2016

The student delegates from Punjab University, acquainted us with their coming National-Level Entrepreneurship submit, UDYAMI-2016 on 18th February,2016. H.O.D, Mr. Kartikay Sharma welcomed all the delegates. Then session proceeded with opening lecture from Mr. Harsh Bijoria by explaining the partly understood concept of start-ups and entrepreneurship. The risk involved and the benefits reaped by the entrepreneurs in their journey of building a multi-national firm from a humble start-up , were explained in detail. They encouraged the students to be an entrepreneur. 

KIIT Gurgaon
The lead speaker, Mr. Harsh Bajoria, along with Mr. Aditya , Mr. Stanley and Mr. Vaibhav explained us about all the events which will be organised in UDYAMI-2016. It appears to be very happening event full of workshops, panel discussions and interactive sessions with handsome prize money.
Our students listened to them with great interest and asked various queries regarding start-ups concept, process , investment required, risk involved, Udyami, etc.
The lecture ended with vote of thanks by Mrs. Reeta Saxena.

Dr. Anupriya Sharma
Team Member
Skill and Entrepreneurship committee

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Career Opportunities For Brightening Future

we live in the era of technology and knowledge where everyone is conscious about their careers. The youngsters are always in search for specialized courses to make their career bright. The demand of professional courses have been raised continuously in recent decade because job opportunities associated with engineering and management courses are increasing. This helps students to get excellently trained to face any workplace.

Professional courses help in career growth and makes students aware about the latest technologies to grab current opportunities. There are various courses that students can opt to build their shining career. Some of them are as follows:-

B.Tech - Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) and Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) are 4 years (8 semesters) courses. Students who have interest in technical fields can take these courses after 12th grade. Such courses have different branches such as Computer, Civil, Mechanical, Electronic, Aeronautical Engineering etc. one who undergo these courses can switch their career towards multiple sectors and get a chance to be a part of a renowned group of organization.

M.Tech – A Master of Engineering degree (M.Tech) is 2 years (4 semesters) postgraduate degree programme. One have to qualify in B.Tech, B.E, M.Sc. degree to pursue M.Tech course. No doubt, education plays an important role in gaining success in life. This degree helps you to lend for more well-paid jobs which are quite hard on the basis of B.Tech Degree. Of Course, a candidate with higher qualification will be given more preference.
BCA - Bachelor Of Computer Applications (BCA) is undergraduate course of 3 years (6 semesters) after 12th class. For the candidates who want to pursue BCA degree Mathematics must be a compulsory subject in 12th standard. This programme helps students to make their career as System Designers, Programmers, System Analysts, Systems Engineering, Database Administration, Computer Networking, Data Mining, Warehousing or any field of information technology.

BBA -The Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a bachelor degree of three years (6 semesters) in business and management principles. Through BBA programs, one have a chance to opt a job in management and administrative roles within a reputed firm serving various positions like - Operations Manager, Information Security Officer, Sales Manager, Cost Estimator and many more at high salaries.

MBA - The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is 2 years (4 semesters) course. The students who are willing to build careers in business and management can pursue MBA degree after graduation. MBA courses are further divided into Human Resource, Marketing Management, IT Management, Health Management, Retail Management and so on. One can get trained in decision making & problem solving after finishing this degree and get a job opportunity in a well-reputed companies.

With many options available in professional courses, students can choose the suitable one depending upon their interests.

Engineering and management courses have most rewarding careers in Delhi NCR now a days. Now the question arises, which Top engineering colleges of Delhi NCR are better to take admission and go ahead to build a successful career.

There are various well-recognized NCR College of Engineering and management, such as Kamrah Institute of Information Technology, Delhi Institute of Tool Engineering, National Institute of Technology, HMR Institute of Technology & Management, Northern India Engineering College etc. One can choose best college as per their course and investment.